You Know What You Want to Do, but Your Team Lacks the Skills to Get it Done

Dead treeCommitted, But Not the Right Skill Set

The perfect plan. The failed execution. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are often two entirely different issues. Let’s be clear, this isn’t just targeted at the intransigent organization. Indeed, your team may truly want to change, but it lacks the tools and wherewithal to change. Sometimes it’s a lack of focus on objection handling. Or, messaging that is incompatible with a culture. Or, missing incentives to reward new behaviors.

Obviously, many firms have made highly successful transitions to open architecture. The tools and techniques already exist. The mistakes have already been made. Bringing in outside expertise to shine the light on execution not only gets the plan on the right path, but can make the path straighter from the start.

  • If you were a new sales recruit, could you use your sales tools and presentation materials to compete head to head and win business?
  • Laid side by side with a competitor’s solution, how compelling is your investment solution?
  • How would your relationship managers handle a barrage of objections from an investment consultant?