You're Anxious to Get to Work on Several Initiatives, but You Need General Support to Get it All Done

Tomato seedlingsEvery advisory firm with open architecture can now tout a portfolio with competitive performance. Every firm can offer an array of investment choices. Every firm talks about the importance of due diligence, rebalancing and portfolio monitoring.

What makes your firm a competitive entity in the wealth management marketplace? Indeed, the competitive battle is fought and won not in having the availability of tools, but how those tools are used to construct a powerful competitive weapon.

WPC´s comprehensive retainer package merges all of WPC´s services into a single, all encompassing relationship, with a singular focus on putting your competition on the defensive.

Given the cost of hiring advisory, marketing, and investment executives, WPC´s retainer-based outsourced service package is highly cost effective and complementary to your firm´s structure. WPC can act as a supplementary resource to fill in experience, knowledge, communication, marketing, sales, or other gaps that may exist. Or, it can alleviate the need to hire a dedicated chief investment officer (CIO) altogether; the WPC path you take is your choice. (Use this link to find the details on chief investment officer salaries in your area:

Consider the evolution of the CIO. Not too long ago, the CIO was a staff-level function tasked with producing market assessments, sector forecasts, investment consistency, and other internal services. Now, the CIO operates within the core of all wealth management functions that solve an investor´s problems and concerns.

The CIO function is as much marketing as it is investments. For example, investment research that fails to position your firm competitively lacks business impact. Remember that the investor’s solution is an investment solution; winning in an intensely competitive environment rests on the marketing and sale of the investment package.

The retainer is for two years initially and is dependent on the scope of services, some of which are outlined below.

Investment Research: WPC conducts original research in wealth management, investment planning, portfolio construction, asset classes, investment vehicles, performance analysis, and portfolio monitoring. From here, this research is formulated into point-of-sale devices such as presentations, proposals, cover letters, e-mail content, newsletters, brochures, and other client deliverables. Over twenty specific investment topics are available for remerchandising into your firm´s business, marketing, and service operations. The range of investment research topics covers:

  • Funding Needs: Multiple Horizon Investing
  • Return Diversification: Theory, Yes. Execution, No
  • Alternative Investments: Separation or Integration
  • Structural Diversification: Building Portfolios for the Future
  • Return Streams: The Wrong Current
  • Asset Location: The Numbers Behind Tax Efficiency
  • Valuation: It´s All About the Cash
  • R/ULR: Combining Investment Goals in a Single Measure
  • Risk Tolerance: Temperature or Temperament?
  • Return Efficiency: The Cost of Fees
  • Private Equity: Portfolio Positioning
  • Private Equity: Understanding Buyouts
  • Private Equity: Understanding Venture Capital
  • Funds of Hedge Funds: The Modern Day Conglomerate
  • Characteristic-Based Allocations: Delivery on Execution
  • Due Diligence: Predictive Performance
  • Wealth Planning: Fitness or Fatness?
  • Mid Cap: The Barrier of Style Purity
  • International Investing: First Look Under the Rug
  • Large Cap: Your Idea is My Idea
  • Investment Vehicles: Form over Function
  • Style Purity: Creating Strategy Envy


Client Meetings: For large institutional or high net worth opportunities, WPC participates, if desired, as a complementary resource for investment strategy, portfolio development, and presentation planning.

Wealth Planning: The Balance Sheet Methodology (BSM) is a wealth-planning device that builds a cash-flow matched investment solution targeted to an investor´s specific needs, liabilities, obligations, or purposes that come due in horizons ranging from short-term lifestyle support to advanced estate planning (see our affiliated site, BSM organizes these needs/liabilities by groups and by time horizon. From here, specific portfolios are designed for each time horizon and incorporated into a customized proposal with full documentation via an investment policy statement. A report suite allows wealth managers to assess a client’s financial situation at any time now or in the future, valued in after-tax dollars, ensuring funding for all defined needs/liabilities.

Market Positioning: Every investment firm does some things well and others poorly. WPC has a unique talent in identifying an investment product line´s strengths and weaknesses and then tuning the product’s written materials and market position accordingly. If your firm seeks to win investment mandates with institutions or wealthy families, it is vital to deliver a well-written and persuasive package for your internal investment styles regardless of the economic or asset class cycle.

Marketing Deliverables: Most advisory firms struggle with communicating complex investment concepts verbally and in writing. WPC´s particular communication expertise delivers investment concepts, philosophies and practices in targeted formats easily understood by your relationship teams and, most important, clients and prospects.

All materials use a technique that employs “helpers” to ensure that the key points on a presentation slide or proposal page are communicated. This not only assists your relationship managers, business development officers, and/or portfolio managers in using the deliverables quickly, but it ensures that any document given by a client to a third party (e.g. a spouse, attorney, accountant, etc.) will be able to persuade the reader even without the benefit of verbal descriptions.

Sales Training: Marketing materials and competitive positions are useless unless those involved in developing new relationships possess the agility to use the material to win business. WPC has established a comprehensive sales-training program that includes product-sales techniques, objection handling, and presentation training. Again, fast-growing investment advisory firms have successfully married investment concepts and marketing/sales.

Investor Prospecting: All of WPC´s clients have benefited from using seminars in establishing new relationships with direct investors or referral sources such as accounting and law firms. The various seminar presentations hit at the many investment myths and misconceptions that have befallen investors over the years. In the resulting credibility vacuum that will emerge with the investors´ current advisors following the presentation, your firm will have fertile ground for meaningful conversations on asset takeovers.

Investment Administration: WPC can assist your firm´s investment operations in: 1) developing portfolio manager investment presentations, 2) presentation coaching, 3) objection handling, 4) preparing and managing investment policy committee meetings, and 5) preparing due diligence materials for your proprietary investment processes.