You Really Want Things to be Different Going Forward, but You can't Make it Happen with Your Daily Pressures

SeedsDesire, But Not Enough Time

As a competitive mandate, the need for open architecture via an advisory model is easy to see, after all, every competitive segment from banks to broker/dealers to insurance companies to independent advisors has endorsed this investor solution. Unfortunately, an advisory firm moving toward outsourcing must maintain an existing operation, while creating and executing a transition plan to a new approach.

Too often, the press of business causes a lack of business planning attention, meanwhile competitive forces are strengthening. It’s not that senior management lacks the ability to do a business plan, but allocating time and attention causes fits and starts. And, there’s always the risk that the organization loses confidence when team members may wonder why a “major strategic move such as open architecture takes forever to get done”. An outside expert provides senior management with adjunct business planning and execution resources in parallel with the demands of day-to-day management.

  • How satisfied are you that the planning around your open architecture/outsourcing decision is sufficient to create a competitive business?
  • How has your investment advisory competition strengthened the last few years?
  • What frustrations do you face in getting plans into action?
  • What’s the level of urgency for change at the different levels in your organization?