Expertise isn't Really about Having Done Something, but, Most Important, Solving Problems and Seizing Opportunities

????????????Investment Research

    • Creator of R/ULR (Return per Unit of Loss Risk), a ratio that combines wealth creation and wealth preservation (i.e. Loss Risk prevention) portfolio goals in a single measurement.
    • Developed the Concord Coefficient, a multi-factor value scoring system for ranking separately managed accounts and mutual funds.
    • Developed InvestWorks, an investment analytics software tool for institutional investors and investment consultants that evaluates separate accounts and mutual funds.
      • Produced the following analyses:
        1.  Funding Needs:  Multiple Horizon Investing
        2.  Return Diversification:  Theory, Yes.  Execution, No.
        3.  Alternative Investments:  Separation or Integration
        4.  Structural Diversification:  Building Portfolios for the Future
        5.  Return Streams:  The Wrong Current
        6.  Asset Location:  The Numbers Behind Tax Efficiency
        7.  Valuation:  It.s All About the Cash
        8.  R/ULR:  Combining Investment Goals in a Single Measure
        9.  Risk Tolerance:  Temperature or Temperament?
        10.  Return Efficiency:  The Cost of Fees
        11.  Private Equity:  Portfolio Positioning
        12.  Private Equity:  Understanding Buyouts
        13.  Private Equity:  Understanding Venture Capital
        14.  Funds of Hedge Funds:  The Modern Day Conglomerate
        15.  Characteristic-Based Allocations:  Delivery on Execution
        16.  Due Diligence:  Predictive Performance
        17.  Wealth Planning:  Fitness or Fatness?
        18.  Mid Cap:  The Barrier of Style Purity
        19.  International Investing:  First Look Under the Rug
        20.  Large Cap:  Your Idea is My Idea
        21.  Investment Vehicles:  Form over Function
        22.  Style Purity:  Creating Strategy Envy


 Wealth Planning

  • Designed and executed the Balance Sheet Methodology (BSM), a browser-based, wealth planning tool that matches after-tax, after-fee cash inflows and outflows using a balance sheet structure. BSM maps cash flows across multiple investment horizons and values any type of need or goal against any type of funding source. BSM, equally applicable from simple to complex wealth plans, utilizes expert-based technology that provides:
      1. An asset and need/goal/liability profiler;
      2. A planning diagnostic matching funding sources to needs/goals/liabilities;
      3. Horizon-based portfolio construction using any investment product type and/or risk-based models;
      4. Management monitoring and alerts for client factors, portfolios, and investment products;
      5. Scenario evaluation for side-by-side comparisons;
      6. An extensive proposal and report suite using powerful template technology;
      7. Administrative tools that allow full customization from question text to risk-scoring questionnaires to investment products to proposal content;
      8. Integration with any custodian or portfolio accounting system for portfolio rebalancing and monitoring.
  • Created Net Legacy, a far more robust individual wealth assessment than net worth. Net Legacy subtracts contractual obligations (e.g. mortgages; loans) and non-contractual needs (e.g. college funding; personal property acquisition; retirement lifestyle; etc.) from both liquid and illiquid assets.
  • Editor and lead author of the Bloomberg Press book published in February 2005: The PPLI Solution: Delivering Wealth Accumulation, Tax Efficiency, Asset Protection through Private Placement Life Insurance. (PPLI represents a powerful wealth management tool that serves tax management, asset protection, and wealth transfer needs.)
  • Established business-planning structures, tools, and analyses that facilitates strategic shifts from commission- to fee-based advisory practices.

Investment Marketing

  • Publisher of Angel Investor magazine, a direct-response publication for high net worth venture capital investors.
  • Extensive development of marketing collateral materials, direct response marketing tools, and market promotion strategies.
  • Developed and produced a variety of investor seminar programs covering economic, investment product, and wealth-planning topics.
  • Created competitively differentiated investment marketing platforms for private equity, insurance, and open architecture firms.
  • Generated objection-handling training and scripting tools for traditional and alternative investment product providers.
  • Led both centralized and distributed sales organizations in selling investment products and wealth-planning services.
  • Directed institutional relationship management for alternative and traditional investment firms.
  • Regular contributor to the FPA’s practice management blog.
  • Multiple contributor to the Journal of Financial Planning and the Journal of Wealth Management.

Business Development and Planning

  • Co-Founder, Monitor Capital Advisors (now known as New York Life Quantitative Strategies, a quantitative investment subsidiary of New York Life Asset Management).
  • Founder, InvestWorks, an investment analytics software provider.
  • Founder, Investment Software Solutions (a software development and marketing consulting firm).
  • Founder, Concord Wealth Consulting.
  • Co-Founder, Concord Canada.

Investment Management

  • Chief investment officer leadership for both alternative and traditional investment product providers.
  • Developed a venture capital managed account structure with monthly valuations.
  • Produced nationally-acclaimed investor education programs for the defined contribution marketplace.
  • Designed Due Diligence Marketing for traditional and alternative investment product firms.
  • Pioneered portfolio construction techniques: 1) Structural Diversification; 2) Characteristic-Based Allocations; 3) Dedicated Horizon Portfolios; 4) Alternative Investment Genealogies.

Investment Software Application Development

  • Designed and implemented PC-based and Internet-based software tools:

…..1.  401(k) Allocator
…..3.  The Balance Sheet Methodology
…..4.  NextGen Performance Reporting platform
…..5.  Symphony’s Portfolio Rebalancing system