Your Growth Objectives Require an Ongoing Stream of New Clients, but this Growth Comes by Winning Against Competitors

Sequence of pumpkin plant growing isolated, evolution conceptIn your 12-month tactical plan or your 5-year strategic plan, what is your growth goal? Maybe it targets assets under management or average client size or revenues or profits… or maybe all of the above. The point is you want your business to grow.

Unfortunately, in the investment advisory industry, it´s mostly a zero-sum game. If you want to grow, you must win clients “and assets ” from another advisor. And, your competitors are trying to do the same to you.

A Truism: If you don´t beat your competition, you won´t meet your business goals.

Frankly, this is no big surprise. The issue for most firms is not the recognition of this truism, but having the ability to:

  • View your firm from the outside looking in: the market´s view
  • Think honestly and objectively about what you offer today: what you sell
  • Creatively assemble resources to compete aggressively: the cultural imperative
  • Challenge stale thinking or processes: an evolution or revolution


WPC´s consulting package, Win to Grow, delivers all that you need to achieve competitive dominance and employs these elements.

  • Baseline interviews with internal marketing/sales/relationship personnel
  • Focus groups with selected clients and prospects
  • Client satisfaction surveys and results analysis
  • Assessment of your firm´s market position
  • Competitive analysis of your market
  • A competitive tactical plan (e.g. how you´re going to win)
  • Design and content of competitively-targeted presentations, proposals, letters, and product literature
  • Marketing campaign structures for the firm and individual territories
  • A cultural map that sets realistic goals for efficient change across time