Your Business Objectives (or Hopes) Rest in Your Heart; It's Time to Act and Bring into Reality the Results You Desire

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Twenty years ago, the advisory business was a collegial affair with clear boundaries between banks, insurance companies, broker dealers, and independent RIAs. There was more than enough meat to keep everyone full. Today, segment distinctions no longer exist.

Competitive intensity is at its zenith. Your clients are a competitor’s delight and you must fight to keep what’s yours… and fight you must, against competitors with greater resources, bigger brands, and extensive market footprints.

Wealth Planning Consulting, Inc. (WPC) is a retainer and project-based professional services firm providing all types of wealth management organizations a distinct ability to compete on a high level. Each engagement has one overriding purpose:

set the competitive agenda and win.

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 BSM delivers to advisors "No Compromises Functionality" in a single advisory workflow for financial planning, investment analysis, portfolio construction, IPSs, and portfolio rebalancing. This entire capability comes at an unprecedented economic value. With BSM's "5-Pillar Integration", advisors learn one interface, have one license agreement, have one analytical method, and one output system that produces top-quality client content. BSM gives advisors industry-leading create and edit control over all navigation, labels, styles, investment/portfolio constructs, proposal content, IPS content, risk scoring, and product brochures. For just $6,000 per year, BSM's Avenue package gives advisors a proprietary Robo-Advisor service for the low-asset or fee-sensitive marketplace. The advisor sets and owns the AUM fees, controls all functions, builds the models, holds the accounts, and trades, bills, and reports through existing processes. Low costs + efficiency + expanded capabilities = increased profits. That's a winning formula.

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